Thursday, October 2, 2014

My buddy Foo!

This is my buddy Mr.Foo. I havent seen him in a while. He lives with my mom's cousin. He is a shy and mellow little guy. I miss him. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dog park

Here I am at a dog park. I have been busy moving and helping mom get a new job. She works for a really nice lady that has dog toys and stuff at her house. She has a huge back yard that I like the run around in circles non-stop! Its awesome!! Mom seems very happy at this new job doing stuff with plants, and driving around with lots of other cars going really slow. I have new doggy friends at my new home. One of my doggy friends passed away recently! I just got to know him and he had something wrong with him and he was very sick! Then a few days later he was gone!! 

Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it! - Ferris Bueller   

Bark loud, run fast, be happy! -Meko

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Domain is being used! I am here!

I am here and using this blog, the domain appraisers are looking at the domain name...please no blog crawling!  ; )

Well, mom and I had to move a couple of times since last post and two jobs, finally shes at one she reallllly likes! Its like the other gardening job but the boss is MUCH nicer and the work is more interesting! The new boss lady is really nice and bring mom treats and that brown hot water she loves so much! She lets me hang out in her house when mom is working at the bosses house and there's toys and treats! I stand in the bedroom window watching mom working outside, and I am good and I don't bark like I normally would. I think I am mellowing out a bit. I still feel the need to protect mom and her car so I can't help my barks from coming out!!

Today I ate mom's apple squares by accident and now I have been "almost barfing" all day. I don't feel so good, so I am going to sign off for now....

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wow its all changed since I was last here!

So, we moved to the sticks and mom works at a mushroom place. Things have been nice, I have 2 acres to run free but I miss the walks with mom with things to see and other dogs to sniff. Theres deer here I get to bark at which is pretty cool. I still get to go work with mom somethimes. It gets lonely here during the day at home when its too hot for me to go along. My kitty buddy Frey is getting old and doesnt play anymore, I think hes sick. Mom gets sad when she pets him. Something is up. I will have some photos and more later.

Updated 12/18/13 here is a pic of Frey and I, hes doing better since last visit here...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sad day!

My doggie friend and play mate, Jack had to move away today! His owners had a big fight and had to leave. His owner the lady drank a LOT of this really sharp smelling water that made her act weird and crazy sometimes. That night that they had the fight, the man left and the lady was left at the apt. (downstairs) and she started slamming doors, screaming and scaring the cats and I! The police and fire came, there was lots of noise and I was really scared but had to protect my mom!! Poor Jack was really upset too.

Our moms had a disagreement and so I wasn't allowed to see Jack. My mom would sneak a kiss to Jack when he ran out of the gate. She really misses Jack too and feels that his life could be in danger, shes very upset about Jack's situation.

The lady used to take me for walks with Jack and she would fall down because she couldn't keep her balance because I guess that bad water makes you dizzy and sick? But, she would fall and drop our leash and we would get scared and almost run out into the street!

Mom said she saw Jack get in the car today and they left. Mom and I went down there to the empty apt. and saw all the junk the lady left behind. I was whining to see Jack, mom said hes not there anymore! I could still smell him though! "Hes gotta be there" I said!

The man in the pair is nice. He was always fun and kind to me. I was always kinda wary of the lady when I would go down there to visit. but the man wants to get Jack and rescue him from the crazy lady. Poor Jack was down there when she went crazy that night! I will miss him. but, I will remember him if I ever see him again and I will be so excited to see him! At least I still have Alex next door. I love Alex and his mom! They are so nice and his mom loves to squeeze me and kiss me! I will make some new friends soon hopefully! I will have to ask mom to take me to the dog park more this summer and meet some other doggies.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bumble Bee me!

This is "mom".
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A Birthday Party for my friend Thayer

Thayer looks happy but tired here.

Was invied to Thayer's first birthday! We had cake and food. I had some of the cake too. It was good! Thayer was such a happy girl too! She didn't cry once or fuss! She is always smiling! She had a great time. I was a good boy and behaved myself too!


Its been very cold! The heater in the truck is broken and it has been in the teens and high 20's for the day highs! I have been staying in the truck with all my layers of clothes and tons of blankies. Mom has been having to be outside wearing all the clothes she owns to keep warm! i hear her swearing a lot out there too! She swears inside the truck too, she shakes in the truck like a chihuahua! I have those heat pouches in my seat here and its nice and warm!! Mom puts them in her boots and clothes and she still shakes like a Chihuahua!!!
All the plants seem to be suspended in time all frozen solid! They say there has been record cold temps in the last week. No snow, the sun is out and clear skies. Its so cold I hate going outside for a poop, I wish I could use the box like the cats! Or make THEM go outside!!
They say its going to snow this weekend.

REDRUM the Rug!

Here I am after tearing up the red wool rug. See how happy I am? Can you see little bits of red wool on the floor?