Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bumble Bee me!

This is "mom".
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A Birthday Party for my friend Thayer

Thayer looks happy but tired here.

Was invied to Thayer's first birthday! We had cake and food. I had some of the cake too. It was good! Thayer was such a happy girl too! She didn't cry once or fuss! She is always smiling! She had a great time. I was a good boy and behaved myself too!


Its been very cold! The heater in the truck is broken and it has been in the teens and high 20's for the day highs! I have been staying in the truck with all my layers of clothes and tons of blankies. Mom has been having to be outside wearing all the clothes she owns to keep warm! i hear her swearing a lot out there too! She swears inside the truck too, she shakes in the truck like a chihuahua! I have those heat pouches in my seat here and its nice and warm!! Mom puts them in her boots and clothes and she still shakes like a Chihuahua!!!
All the plants seem to be suspended in time all frozen solid! They say there has been record cold temps in the last week. No snow, the sun is out and clear skies. Its so cold I hate going outside for a poop, I wish I could use the box like the cats! Or make THEM go outside!!
They say its going to snow this weekend.

REDRUM the Rug!

Here I am after tearing up the red wool rug. See how happy I am? Can you see little bits of red wool on the floor?